MDM have managed many types of corporate events / product launches / incentive and conference programmes both locally and to many parts of the world including :


The Southern Cross Air Race in Australia - 1500 pilots and 500 planes competition in an air race from Moorabbin Airport to Alice Springs return in conjunction with the organising committee


Sony Australia - "Go for Gold" Incentive motivational sales award programme


Phillips Lighting - launch and event for the installation of new Phillips lights on the Sydney Harbour Bridge


Festival of Gardens - Tumbalong Park, Sydney in conjunction with the Darling Harbour Authority


Konica Australia - Conference Hunter Valley , Sales Incentive programme to Egypt , Service Division incentive programme to Malaysia / Singapore

State of the Arc Conference - group of leading Professors and Geologists from around the world - organised their conferences in both Santorini, Greece and Montserrat in the Caribbean

Cray Communications - Sydney - Incentive programmes Hawaii / Thailand & Bali

Oce Australia - Melbourne - Incentive programmes to Dubai 

Toshiba Australia - incentive and conference programmes since 1998 (almost 60 groups have been successfully organised by MDM for this company over two decades)

Polaroid Australia - incentive motivational programmes for their network of agents


The Institute of Internal Auditors - managed their annual conference for 500 delegates in the Sydney Hilton (including welcome and gala dinners)


Sydney Olympic Games 2000 - our team worked under contract for three months co-ordinating accommodation, land, transfers for SOBO (Sydney Olympic Broadcasting Organisation) International broadcasters from around the world covering their own countries/teams results and broadcasting to their respective countries